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‘Great things take time’ – and the story of Palm Beach County’s phenomenal growth into a tourist hub that’s known for its historic landmarks, luxury resorts and mansions is one that reflects it. Once an uninhabited wasteland, the County’s potential was realized in 1893 when Henry Flagler envisioned it as a ‘veritable paradise’ and saw opportunity. The railways came, a string of resorts popped up, people from the relatively-cold regions swept in to settle in its warmth and the population growth knew no bounds. Today, Palm Beach has become an epitome of prosperity, a paradigm of unadulterated urban beauty with a flourishing community that has allowed it to chart unprecedented growth in recent times. But the growth did not come without a price!

Why you can’t survive Palm Beach without an AC?

The airy, ventilated spaces that once prevailed in the region had to give in to more compact spaces to accommodate the influx of population. While Palm Beach’s mildly warm summers and bright sunshine once used to be a sheer delight, space constraints and population growth made it nearly impossible to survive the sweltering summers. Enter air conditioning – one of the best marvels that came about as a result of industrial revolution. Once a part of luxury spaces, multiplexes and other establishments, as the technology progressed and prices came down, it soon witnessed adoption into every home and commercial complex and restored sanity when the mercury levels hit the roof.

AC use and rising temperatures

With the advent of air conditioning accelerating economic development in Palm Beach County, the downside to the unparalleled growth came in the form of environmental degradation. Since air conditioners use CFCs and HFCs, their emissions have often been blamed by the scientific community as one of the reasons behind global warming. As such, summers in the county are getting warmer and warmer each year, which has only made the community turn to their ACs round-the-clock for comfort.

Combating the heat and environmental issues with AC service

You can run an air conditioner guilt-free, provided you extend proper care and service towards it.
Installing an oversized unit in a smaller home, can only increase your emission footprint! Ignoring energy efficiency during the installation could not only mean your AC runs for a longer duration, but it could also mean that you’ll be shelling out a significant sum on paying your energy bills. Refusing to fix a faulty air conditioner or an AC that’s leaking refrigerant, is another way you’re risking your investment as well as punching a hole in the entire environment-friendly narrative. Be smart, act smarter, make smartest choices! With Boca Raton AC Services by your side, you can ensure that your air conditioner works efficiently without a hitch, and keeps your workforce/family cool and comfortable.

Our services:

Boca Raton AC Services Boca Raton, FL 561-291-6138With air conditioners becoming an inseparable part of life in Palm Beach County, it is vital to have an AC service partner you can trust to be there for you when things go wrong, or when you need advice on installing a new unit. Here’s a look at some of the services we provide:

  • Consultation on choosing the right HVAC system
  • Proper installation of an air conditioning unit
  • AC repairs, spare replacements
  • Flexible maintenance plans
  • Solutions tailored to residential/commercial
  • Indoor air quality improvement measures
  • 24/7 emergency assistance

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